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About Us

MISSION STATEMENT: At Griffin Creek we nurture, respect, and inspire everyone to achieve their greatest potential.



  • Griffin Creek values community. While honoring the traditions of Griffin Creek, we are committed to teamwork and collaboration among families, staff and the community in order to support our students’ success. 


  • Griffin Creek values integrity. We hold ourselves individually and collectively accountable to the school community, with each individual fulfilling their responsibility within the school system. We consistently encourage everyone to be citizens who make the right choices, even when no one is looking.


  • Griffin Creek values kindness. Kindness is modeled through words and actions to promote strong relationships and a positive learning environment. 


  • Griffin Creek values inclusion. We believe diversity is a strength. Each child has access to the resources, programs, and services required to support them in reaching their full potential as individuals and valuable and contributing members of our school community. 

High Expectations 

  • Griffin Creek values high expectations. We believe high expectations are met by challenging students in new and meaningful ways to reach their highest potential while also holding them accountable academically and socially. 

Whole Child Wellness 

  • Griffin Creek values whole child wellness. We believe in nurturing and developing the whole child. Together, we are committed to building relationships with students and families in order to meet their social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs.

MASCOT: Beaver

SCHOOL COLORS: Black and Orange

GRADES: K-5      ENROLLMENT: 500     STAFF: 62

STUDENT TRANSPORTATION: Students who live one mile or more from school are bussed to and from school. Children who live less than one mile from school walk or are transported by car.

MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL ATTENDANCE AREA: After finishing fifth grade, Griffin Creek students attend McLoughlin Middle School and then South Medford High School.