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Kindness Clubs and More: Kindness Activities Spread Love in MSD!

Kindness Clubs and More: Kindness Activities Spread Love in MSD!


There’s a new club at Kennedy Elementary! Kristen Robinson, Social Emotional Advocate, hosts a Breakfast Club and Lunch Bunch. Both gatherings provide a platform for students to connect and share.

For some, it's a chance to learn how to show empathy, even if it doesn't come naturally. Through conversations and activities, they're finding ways to express kindness to everyone, not just their friends. One special activity is "I Caught You Being Kind" cards, where students can recognize and celebrate acts of kindness they see in others.

Beyond these clubs, kindness lessons are spreading throughout the school. Students are learning that empathy is about being there

for each other, no matter what. Mrs. Robinson said a student who struggled with social skills has made huge strides with the club's support. Now, the student is communicating better and forming stronger relationships.

“Our goal is to make kindness a part of our everyday lives, inside and outside of school,” said Robinson. “During Kindness Month, everyone is speaking the same language of kindness. It's a simple idea with a big impact: spreading kindness, one smile at a time.” 

Schools across the Medford School District have engaged in kindness activities during February’s Kindness Month.

Kennedy Kindness Student